Immediate One Piece Implant Bridge

A 51-year-old man has severe periodontal disease (Fig.1).  Finally the tooth # 24 falls out spontaneously (Fig.2). 

To fix it, the neighboring teeth #23,25 are extracted and replaced by implants immediately (Fig.3).  An immediate temporary bridge is fabricated (Fig.4).  

Now the implants heal (Fig.5).  The temporary bridge is removed and re-preped for Zirconium one (Fig.6).

Please note that there are two different shades for the lower anterior teeth: one for the crown and the other for the root (Fig.2).  When the permanent bridge is made, please use a more yellowish shade for the roots.  In addition, make a nice transition from the crown to the root.  See a referenced case.

Unlike the temporary bridge (Fig.4), the pontic (#24) of the Zirconium bridge should touch the receding gums if the pontic does not look too long.

If possible, do not make the roots for #23 and 25 too bulky.



Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 01/11/2013, last revision 01/21/2014