Buccal Margin of Crown

The buccal margin (Fig.1 <) of the temporary crown  (T) at #13 is equivalent to that of the neighboring teeth.  Probably due to the palatal placement of the implant (Fig.2), it is difficult to fabricate a properly shaped considering the margin as related to cement removal.  The Zirconia crown does not look too good (Fig.3 Z).  Can you fabricate a final restoration similar to the provisional with long buccal margin?  We are able to cement it appropriately.

When the 2nd Ziroconia crown is tried in, the buccal margin is slightly too long (Fig.4 ^).  Please use the neighboring teeth as reference.

On the palatal side, the margin of the permanent crown should be supragingival (for oral hygiene) and stops at prep margin (Fig.5 ^).  The margin at Fig.6 (^) is unnecessarily too long with extra effort to remove excess cement. 

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