Guide for Several Implants for Immediate Provisional

A 78-year-old man's 8 unit FPD dislodges (#5-12, Fig.1).  Three of 4 abutments seem to be non-salvageable (#6,11,12 fractured equigingival, extraction, immediate implants).  For restoration, implant will be placed at #8 and 9 as well.  Implant FPDs will be fabricated at #6-8 and 9-11 (Fig.2) with #5 (with build up or prefabricated post) and 12 single unit crowns to better withstand deep overbite and overjet.  After discussion with lab, a major change will be implants to be placed at #7 and 10 instead of #8 and 9 (narrow ridge).  The implant at #7 will be a 1-piece (3 mm in diameter), whereas the rest 2-piece (3.5 mm).  The abutment of IS 1-piece implant is 10 mm in length, while that of DIO's 5 mm.  The former will be used if the vertical space is sufficient.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 10/29/2018, last revision 09/15/2019