Since the ridge is wide, an extra wide implant is placed (Fig.2: 5.9x10 mm with insertion torque >55 Ncm) with one distal thread exposed (<). ^^: apical gap, which will be closed by further implant torquing (as compared to Fig.5 <). 

The remaining distal exposed thread is covered by autogenous bone harvested during osteotomy (*).  The graft is then covered by collagen dressing, which is held in place by a partially placed healing screw (S).   There is clearance from the Inferior Alveolar Canal (yellow dashed line).

Two months postop, the healing screw is lost (Fig.7 arrowhead), while bone graft retains (Fig.8 *).

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 01/09/2015, last revision 09/22/2018