Submerged/No Infection Non-submerged/Infection Ultimate Bone Loss around Implant

Submerged vs. Non-submerged Implants

In case that there is an oral infection, submerged implant (Fig.4: I; Bicon 5x8; white line indicates gingival margin) may reduce the chance of pathogen contamination postoperatively.  Fig.5 shows slight wound gaping after suture removal, one week postoperatively.  In contrast, the implant in Fig.4' (Tatum 6x17) is non-submerged (white line indicates gingival margin).  Two week post-operatively, an infection develops buccal to the implant (Fig.5').  Bone loses around the non-submerged implant 1 month after placement (Fig.4").  Finally the implant has to be removed.  Return How to Avoid Post-implant Infection

Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 08/2/2011, last revision 09/03/2011