Suggestions for #23 implant crown redo (Fig.1, 2)

  1. Make a new crown less transparent than the previous one (Fig.3). Can you block inside the crown to take care of the metal shade of the abutment/implant?

  2. The original shade is A 2.5 (enclosed in the case).  Choose a shade a little darker and more yellowish (Fig.4-7 before cleaning; Fig.9-11 after cleaning).   It appears that there is a change in shade of crown over the time.  The patient is sure that the original shade was alright, but over the time the shade changes.  I wonder whether it is due to stain/paint to the crown in the lab.  Can you choose a Zirconia block that has the closest shade?  Do not stain or paint the crown.

  3. Make the crown a little more bulky buccally than the old crown (Fig.8).  The implant has been placed for 2 years 8 months.  It has already osteointegrated.

  4. The buccal surface of the abutment has been further reduced prior to final impression (the previous cast is enclosed in the case).


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