Margin & Die Trimming

The margin of the present restorations is outside the gingiva, difficult to remove cement and maintain oral hygiene (Fig.1,2).  Two weeks after temporary cementation, the interdental papilla becomes blunt (Fig.3, as compared to that with temporary crowns).  Please trim the dies mesial and distally at #8 and 9 as shown in Fig.4 (black areas).  When the margin of new crowns are placed slightly subgingival at #8 and equigingival at #9 and occupies the proximal space (Fig.5 white outlines), the papilla will become elongated clinically (Fig.4 arrows).  The crowns will push the gingiva into where it should be.  Final crowns are acceptable.

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Xin Wei, DDS, PhD, MS 1st edition 11/27/2015, last revision 05/28/2018