Occlusion, and Margin

There are 5 units for Mr. Yang's upper jaw (#4,5,8,9 and 11, Fig.1-4).  Since the temporary crown at #30 (Fig.1) has a lower occlusal table, the occlusal anatomy should be made normal at #4 and 5. 

The margin of the implant/abutment is probably not made subgingival at #8 (Fig.1 ^).  Please make sure that the margin of the final crown is subgingival at #8 (no metal show)!  When the crowns are tried in, they need to be redone.

To take good photos for shades, use different light settings: compare Fig.1 (dental head light) and 2 (room light).  It appears that the former shows more detail than the latter.

When the patient closes the mouth, photos are more focused (Fig.1,2) than when the mouth is open (Fig.3,4).  It appears that room light affects focus (Fig.2-4).

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