Sins Lift Master Kit

When the patient returns for #14 implant placement (scheduled), he wants to do implant placement on the right side first (Fig.1: #3,5 for bridge (fixed partial denture, FPD)).   It appears that the bone height at #3 is limited (Fig.2 measurements).  To avoid premature implant loosening and loss, Sinus Lift Master Kit is used.  The beauty is its drill stoppers.  The osteotomy depth is tightly controlled (Fig.3,4).  A 6x11 mm implant is placed with sinus lift (Fig.5 *) at #3; a 4.5x17 mm implant without bone graft at #5.  Both implants have achieved primary stability (>60 Ncm).  Abutments are placed immediately to keep periodontal dressing in place.  Arrowheads in Fig.3,4 indicate change in trajectory for the next steps, for example, to try to avoid contacting a residual root (Fig.1 *).

Progressive loading should be provided before final restoration because of limited bone height at #3.  The patient seems to be a bruxer with partial edentulism.  Fabricate provisional FPD with light occlusal contact 2-3 months postop for 1-2 months before normal occlusal contact.  Ask the patient whether there is pain when he masticates.  Before premature implant loss, there is pain.

The patient is doing well 1 week postop, except partial dislodgement of periodontal dressing (Fig.6).  When the latter is removed, the wound seems to be healing (Fig.7).

When the patient returns for impression 3 months postop, PA is taken (Fig.8).  The restoration is cemented 4 months postop (Fig.9).   More implants are needed, including the one opposing the tooth #2.  The mesial of the tooth #2 has mild probing pain 14 months post cementation (Fig.10).  The residual cement persists after Cavitron (Fig.10,11 *).  It appears difficult to remove cement after setting for long time.  Take BW or PA immediately after crown/FPD cementation if they are unable to be removed for cement removal (for Tatum or Magicore).  Even just set cement is difficult to remove.

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