Root Fracture, Buccal Plate Defect

When the tooth #13 with buccal fistula is extracted, the root is found to have vertical fracture (Fig.1).  The socket is 14 mm deep (gingival level); the initial osteotomy depth is 20 mm (6 mm to be in the native bone for primary stability, Fig.2).  A 4.5x20 mm tissue-level implant (>60 Ncm) is going to be placed in the palatal aspect of the oval socket (Fig.3-5).  The localized defect in the buccal plate as indicated by labels (* (Vanilla/Osteogen), B (buccal) and < (perforation) in Fig.6,7 (CBCT coronal and axial sections) is repaired by the bone graft.  The bone and gingiva are healthy around the implant nearly 4 months postop (Fig.8,9).

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