Bone Expander Kit (Fig.1)

Bone expander drills are an alternative to osteotomes for the expansion and condensing of the atrophic mandible and maxilla.  They are also an alternative to the maxillary sinus elevation technique.  Bone expanders improve the clinical success by improving stability, maintaining bone density and increasing fixation.

Bone expanders can be used with a low speed hand piece or a ratchet wrench.

Kit Contents (ITL Dental) (Fig.2)
Bone Expanders 2.6, 3.0, 3.4, 3.8 and 4.3mm
Wrench Ratchet Wrench
Drill Pilot drill 1.6mm
Extender Ratchet Wrench Extender
Adaptor Hand piece latch adaptor
Manual knob For finger usage

The apical end of each expander is flat and smooth, which is suitable for sinus lift (Fig.3).  The first line of the first black band is 8.5 mm.  The second line of the first black band is 10 mm.  The first line of the second black line is 11.5 mm, while the second line of the second black band is 13 mm.  It is important to know these marks to control the depth of bone expansion and sinus elevation.

The apical diameter of each expander is shown in Fig.4.

Due to bone density difference, bone expander kit is more often used for long-standing edentulous area (vs. short), the maxilla (vs. the mandible, particularly 2nd molar), female (vs. male) and elderly (vs. youngster).

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