hi, xinwei,
This is today's case; female, 54yrs,coming with broken tooth, I done it 12yrs ago.immediate implant #13 with healing abutment, It took me 40 minuses to dig out the fractured root. The bone spoon You brought to me is very helpful. Thanks!  

You are welcome.  There should not be a lot of granulation tissue to be removed in this case.  It is one way to use a large implant to achieve primary stability.  The other way is to use a long implant to engage into new bone.

In fact, a 3.8x8 mm DIO implant is exfoliated. Small implants (3.8 mm in diameter) do not have aggressive threads to achieve primary stability, even though the wrench indicates.  In this case, the healing abutment may contribute to failure.  Additionally, the patient's oral hygiene is not so good.   Do you have any good idea how to fix this case?  Thanks.

Sinus Lift

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