Implant Thread Comparison

Press Fit Tissue-Level Bone-Level (1,2) IBS

All of the 5 implants shown above are ~ 5 mm in diameter, placed in the lower 1st molar site.  The first implant system used in my office is press fit (Fig.1).  The reason to switch is its inability for immediate implant.  The tissue-level implant appears to have aggressive thread patterns (Fig.2, bone/Titanium ratio: 50/50).  To improve cosmetics, a bone-level implant is used (Fig.3).  To enhance primary stability, a better thread patterned implant is chosen (Fig.4, bone/Titanium ratio: 70/30).  It is apparent that IBS implant has the sharpest threads (fins, bone/Titanium ratio: 90/10, Fig.5)).  It is consistent with my clinical cases.  All of the implants mentioned above are placed at the site of #19 with diameter 4.5-6 mm and length 8-17 mm.

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