Fig.2: A 1.6 mm pilot drill is used to start osteotomy at 5 mm deep.  It is difficult to use 2.6 mm expander due to dense bone.  Osteotomy increases by using reamer 2.5-4 mm at the same depth as mentioned above.  Sinus lift is finished using 2.5 mm osteotomy at ~ 6 mm without sinus membrane perforation.  Without bone graft (which is an error), 4.5x11 mm tap is inserted at 8 mm to form threads in the bone and further sinus lift.  When the tap is removed, there is positive air leak. Five and 6x11 mm taps are turned at ~ 6 mm to increase diameter of the osteotomy.  Collagen dressing and autogenous bone (from reamer harvesting) mixed with Osteogen are pushed into the osteotomy and upward.  A 6.4x6 mm implant is to be placed.

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